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Speak directly to your target audience with branded stories and exceptional experiences

Strategy is done to find problems and design is developed to solve problems for specific audiences in mind. Solving problems is what motivates your followers to become customers and clients. And strategic design is when creativity and analytics meet to tell stories that connects with your audience to turn them into dream projects.

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Brand Strategy

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Create a strong foundation for your business by exploring and developing all the elements that will make up your brand. This includes audience personas, positioning, creative solutions, and identity elements, such as a logo and colors.


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Website Design


Develop a home base for your brand where you can strategically display your brand story and offerings. A place where visitors can find solutions and can learn about you to like and trust you by experience your brand. This includes strategy and a new site.


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Design Services


Solve problems your audience's using strategic storytelling and visual elements that speak to the core of the problem. Build brand awareness and trust with dream clients by intentionally using your brand to its maximum potential. The possibilities are endless.


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The Benefits


The founder and designer: Jenn

Storytelling Frameworks


Jenn's favorite & official brand FLOWER: sunflowers



Establish the structure and fundamental of the types of stories you want to tell that best fit your brand. Humans respond and connect with stories, so every brand should have its own to tell.



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Brand Awareness

Know how to present your business by determining what will represent your brand voice, identity, personality and positioning. Use it to showcase your business to stand out to your audience.

Attract Dream Clients

Understand your audience by knowing how they think and what problems they have to target and speak directly to them. The idea is to get them to think "They are talking to me! I need this."

Build a Firm Foundation

Building a business is just like building a house. You need a solid foundation that you'll build up from. Having a brand strategy is that strong foundation that you'll build a solid business from.

Increase Conversions

Turn your business from a numbers game of quantity to a unique experience of quality. When you laser focus on who you want to target, you know exactly how to reach them and convert them.

Solve Audience Problems

People buy solutions to problems more than anything, so by uncovering and finding how to solve your audience, you create a product or service that poeple want to use and buy over and over again.

Be Proud of Your Brand

A brand should also represent you and be something you can be proud to display to everyone. You shouldn't be embarrassed by your business or the personality you gave it.

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Alison Cosmetics

Alison was looking to commission a new logo design for her online beauty store. In addition, their print team needed the logo to print on their cosmetics, engraving, use on the storefront, and email. The previous logo was a simple font and wasn’t legible on the company’s social media profile pictures. She was looking for a logo that would be memorable and eye-catching.


Magnetic Destinations

Magnetic Destinations offers a variety of affordable destinations. They provide authentic local guides because of their easy-to-use app. Since their target audience is adults in their middle age, they wanted their branding to convey a sense of nostalgia, while at the same time being inexpensive. 


Adruce Partnerships

I created a brand identity and designed a website to attract new investors for Adruce Partnerships, a commercial real estate investment firm that acquires, finances, and manages multifamily properties. Their mission is to help everyday investors find the perfect properties to build their passive income portfolio.


Blobble Ceramics

Blobble Ceramics is an inventive, modern ceramics brand. Their artistic focus is on shape and color. The goal is to design a brand identity that is both artistic and functional, just like their pieces. They want their customers to feel nostalgic and inspired by the purchase of their product. Cool but not pretentious. Modern with a hint of retro.