Branding &
Website Design

I created a brand identity and designed a website to attract new investors for Adruce Partnerships, a commercial real estate investment firm that acquires, finances, and manages multifamily properties. Their mission is to help everyday investors find the perfect properties to build their passive income portfolio.

A comprehensive brand platform was designed, built on the idea that each of their investors needs their help in different ways, but they all have one thing in common: they are looking for an investment opportunity to get them closer to the desired life of having passive income, doing what they love, and spending time with their families. I drafted a marketing plan and branding materials to create awareness of the new type of investment opportunity and to help investors grow their portfolio.

The website showcases Adruce Partnerships' portfolio, provides resources for visitors, and more effectively communicates with investors.




Adruce Partnerships

Project Dates:
January - May 2022

Branding & Graphic Design

This was the first project where I fell in love with digital marketing and sparked the idea for the agency. It was for a digital media marketing class, where we had to create a brand from the ground up. The made-up product was a piece of technology (similar to an Apple Watch but better) that was attached anywhere on the body and that would read health traits, such as hydration detection, blood sugar levels, calorie count, blood pressure, etc.
I designed the logo, which represented taking “our health into your own hands” and the all-encompassing health detection features. After creating a custom marketing campaign, I built the website and social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram.

Although this was a school project, I decided to go above and beyond by creating our own content. I scheduled a photoshoot and took videos showcasing classmates using the fake product all over campus. I organized, took, and edited all the photos and videos to use on our site and social media posts. No one else in the class did this.

My favorite part was creating the commercial for the imaginary product. I wanted to display some of the top features in a relatable way by entertaining the target audience (which were healthy college students and young adults). I directed scenes of everyday life situations depicting the use of the different features. Then I edited everything together to create the final commercial, which we had to show to the entire class.

At the end of the semester, this project stood out in a class of over 75 students. The professor was so impressed that she showed it to succeeding classes as the standard of what she expects in her digital marketing classes.

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